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ASP.NET MVC framework

Monday, October 15, 2007 by Thomas L

Scottgu is writing about a MVC framework for ASP.NET that they are working on right now. This may well be one of the best things that his team is doing right now; nothing is better than facilitating testability and maintainability among the users of ASP.NET.

I've noticed that the focus previously from Scott and his guys over there in Seattle has been more of easily demoed drag-drop RAD functionality than maintainability, and this change in focus may well be followed with other good decisions.

Some of the tools-y things I'd love to have are

  • Implementing extensible/replaceable mocking support into Visual Studio/TFS
  • A good unit test implementation
  • That the above MVC framework can use Winforms/WPF as view (i.e. please don't put it in the System.Web namespace as you did with the ASP.NET 2.0 caching)

I hope some of my wishes will come through.

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