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Monday, October 1, 2007 by Thomas L

All right, now (at last) I've started to blog. I'll use this blog for publishing thoughts and comments on technical things I read around the web.

A bit about me; I'm a software developer living in Malmö, Sweden, employed by the consulting firm Qbranch. (Although I'm employed by Qbranch, the posts on this blog are 100% my own.) I primarily focus on Microsoft technologies, and mainly .NET. I've been doing stuff around .NET Compact Framework and ASP.NET, but I've been creating winforms apps for about a year or so now. I like agile development/DDD/TDD like, well, everyone right now.

The driving thought behind my starting a blog is this post by Joel Spolsky and the idea that commenting on blogs are bad (which I fully agree with), so I decided to start commenting by posting my thoughts on my own blog. If it will turn out good, we'll just see about that, won't we?

As you may have noticed by now I write in English, although my native tongue is Swedish. I hope I can make myself clear using English, and I hope you please can disregard my language errors.

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