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Firefox extensions

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 by Thomas L

More or less as a note to self, here are the extensions I use.

Openbook: customize the Add bookmarks dialog

Adblock plus: Ads were yesterday!

Adblock Filterset.G Updater: So that I won't need to manually block ads

Foxmarks bookmarks synchronizer: have the same bookmarks file on all computers

Mouse gestures: Can't live without it since I tried it on Opera ages ago

Firebug: Debug javascript, css etc from Firefox

Any more recommendations?

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Just back from Øredev

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 by Thomas L

The last two days I've been at Øredev, a developers' conference here in Malmö. I've been to some really great presentations and obviously some not-so-great. Some thoughts of the conference:

  • Andy Hunt is a really good presenter; I saw him at the first keynote and then at his two lectures on learning and I definitely got interested
  • Guerrilla SOA seems like a pragmatic way on which to roll out a SOA in your company
  • Too bad I missed the talks given by Udi Dahan; I like the ideas he writes about in his blog (message orientation, async services etc)
  • According to Matt Gibbs, the ASP.NET MVC Framework are soon CTP-ing. YAY!
  • I really need a second monitor. Does anyone know if vmware fusion supports multiple monitors?
  • Oh, and I really need to learn how to implement a LINQ provider.
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Removing .svn folders

by Thomas L

A quick link on how to remove all those .svn folders that you need to remove whenever you are mailing anything from a subversion repository to another person:

Thanks, Jon!

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Windows Live Writer 1.0

Thursday, November 8, 2007 by Thomas L

MS recently released Windows Live Writer 1.0 (i.e. it's not in beta anymore). I've used the beta for a while now, and like it quite a bit. The nicely formatted code on this blog is made by a plug-in to WLW, although I can't remember the name right now. Get 1.0 at

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007 by Thomas L

Visual Studio 2008 is out really soon now (before end of november):

Some quick links about what's new in VS 2008 / .NET Framework 3.5:


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Saturday links

Saturday, November 3, 2007 by Thomas L

Some nice links I've stumbled over the last week.

Johan Lindfors, dev evangelist at the Swedish Microsoft office, posts 4 videos about using LINQ (in Swedish, and note that the videos are silverlight!)

Jeffrey Palermo, part of the blog collection, has written an article about the up-and-coming ASP.NET MVC framework

An InfoQ interview about Domain specific languages (in Ruby) and letting the subject matter expert writing the actual code

Jeff Sutherland writes about time tracking, code quality and why not more hours automatically implies better software

Jeremy Miller asks "how are you building winforms apps"...

...a quite interesting discussions starts and the results are summed up in

All-in-all it seems that quite a lot of people try to use MVP-like patterns; I really like that!

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