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Just back from Øredev

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 by Thomas L

The last two days I've been at Øredev, a developers' conference here in Malmö. I've been to some really great presentations and obviously some not-so-great. Some thoughts of the conference:

  • Andy Hunt is a really good presenter; I saw him at the first keynote and then at his two lectures on learning and I definitely got interested
  • Guerrilla SOA seems like a pragmatic way on which to roll out a SOA in your company
  • Too bad I missed the talks given by Udi Dahan; I like the ideas he writes about in his blog (message orientation, async services etc)
  • According to Matt Gibbs, the ASP.NET MVC Framework are soon CTP-ing. YAY!
  • I really need a second monitor. Does anyone know if vmware fusion supports multiple monitors?
  • Oh, and I really need to learn how to implement a LINQ provider.
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