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MSMQ alone on Windows?

Monday, July 28, 2008 by Thomas L

Is there any viable alternative to using MSMQ when creating a .NET app? I know there are stuff like ActiveMQ with a .NET interface to their JMS queue engine, have anyone used that? And there are some .NET alternatives; do e.g. WSMQ hold production quality?

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Monday, July 21, 2008 by Thomas L

I've been trying out Evernote ( for a couple of days; this is some of my reactions.


  • Web clips are great
  • Capturing the web clips from the Firefox add-on has a nice flow
  • Being able to access notes on all machines is a great thing
  • Text recognition in the photo notes is très cool


  • Why can't I see my notes (at least the textual ones) on the app in my windows mobile device?
  • The UI for browsing notes scroll super bad when using the scroll bar (it snaps to the top of the notes, which doesn't map well with normal UI behaviour), but not while scrolling with the mouse wheel

What I'd love to use Evernote for, is stuff like shopping lists and such. Not being able to access them from my mobile phone kind of destroys my purpose for it.

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Problems running TreeSurgeon on Vista

by Thomas L

If you get the following error message when trying to execute the build on a project that TreeSurgeon has generated:


External Program Failed: regsvr32 (return code was 5)

I got the error using Vista with UAC turned on.

This is since the TreeSurgeon build script tries to run a COM registration by invoking regsvr32:

<exec program="regsvr32" workingdir="tools\NCover" commandline="/s CoverLib.dll" />

I had to do the registration manually by running the command

regsvr32 {path_to_treesurgeon_outputdir}\tools\NCover\CoverLib.dll

(Note that you need to run the cmd prompt as Administrator, otherwise you get error code 0x80070005.)

The last thing to do is to comment away the <exec /> line from the build script where the regsvr32 is being executed. Then the build script works.

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