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Problems running TreeSurgeon on Vista

Monday, July 21, 2008 by Thomas L

If you get the following error message when trying to execute the build on a project that TreeSurgeon has generated:


External Program Failed: regsvr32 (return code was 5)

I got the error using Vista with UAC turned on.

This is since the TreeSurgeon build script tries to run a COM registration by invoking regsvr32:

<exec program="regsvr32" workingdir="tools\NCover" commandline="/s CoverLib.dll" />

I had to do the registration manually by running the command

regsvr32 {path_to_treesurgeon_outputdir}\tools\NCover\CoverLib.dll

(Note that you need to run the cmd prompt as Administrator, otherwise you get error code 0x80070005.)

The last thing to do is to comment away the <exec /> line from the build script where the regsvr32 is being executed. Then the build script works.

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