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jQuery to be included in Visual Studio distribution

Sunday, October 5, 2008 by Thomas L

A bit late for my comment, but if you've been in a closet the last week, ScottGu announced that jQuery will be included in the Visual Studio distribution. This is hyper interesting.

There has been a few remarkable decisions taken by the development division of Microsoft during the last few years, where they more-or-less killed off one open source project (NDoc), and launched two directly competing products against NAnt and NUnit instead of trying to nurture the .NET open source world. The outcome of these decisions has been that the .NET development arena has become more fragmented, and in my opinion this fragmentation has hurt the .NET development ecosystem where some projects use NAnt and some MSBuild, some use NUnit and some use MSTest, giving the single developer more things to learn.

Now the dev div has taken a good turn, that it's better to support the jQuery project, instead of duplicating jQuery's excellent query API in the ASP.NET Ajax project. With this step, ScottGu has said that jQuery is the recommended main path for the coming years.

What's next? I'd like Microsoft to distribute and support a mocking framework (Rhino Mocks/Moq?) and a DI container (like e.g. Castle Windsor). Oh, and it'd be swell if they canceled the work on Velocity and instead supported the memcached project.