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Øredev thoughts

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 by Thomas L

Today I've been to the Øredev conference, and these are some of my comments from today:

  • I really need to make a (proper) release plan for the project I'm currently working in, based on the team's current velocity
  • I have to take a step back and thinking about how my project actually can deliver value in the Lean sense; perhaps we should release it to production soon?
  • Value stream mapping - a nice tool for doing the above
  • Eric Evans talked about the "big rewrite" and how it won't be released according to plan (does it ever)
  • Instead of doing the big rewrite and starting with porting the basic functionality, it's perhaps better to start with the differentiating features, and creating an integration layer to the rest of the functionality

And; how do I do the following:

  • Snap a photo with my Windows Mobile phone
  • Write a comment
  • The photo is GPS geotagged and uploaded to flickr/amazon/another host
  • The comment is posted to twitter together with the image link

All of the above should be done in an instant, with one or two button presses.

Please say that there already is an app for this.

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