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Writing good tests

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 by Thomas L

Colin Jack has a couple of blog posts on testing using the BDD-ish context/specification type of tests. Check them out!

I often like to write my (NUnit) tests like so:

namespace BlogpostBehaviour
  public class AfterSavingABlogPost

    private BlogRepository _blogRepository;

    public void SetUp()
      _blogRepository = new BlogRepository();
      Blog blog = new Blog()
        Id = 12,
        Title = "My new post",
        Text = "Some text with a specific word"

    public void ShouldBeAbleToSearchForBlogByContents()
      Assert.AreEqual(blog.Id, _blogRepository.Search("specific")[0].Blog.Id);

    //more assertions...

This way I can easily use the normal toolchain with NUnit and such, and have new developers grasping the test setup, but still tricking the old-school unit test developers into thinking context/spec.

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3 kommentarer:

Colin Jack said...

Yeah I definitely think NUNit is a reasonable option, I'd definitely recommending aliasing the attributes ("using Observation = ...TestAttribute") and a few extension methods to sweeten the deal though.

OlofB said...

SetUp = GivenWhen = Context
Test = Then = Should

Thomas L said...

Yup, and the nice thing (like I wrote) is that we can fool the world we are doing tdd, when we actually are doing bdd!