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Disable 3d effects in OpenSuse

Sunday, December 28, 2008 by Thomas L

I'm playing around with OpenSuse 11.1 in a VMware installation, and tried to get the 3d effects (i.e. Compiz Fusion) running under Gnome, to get the wiggly windows and other goodies. Sadly it didn't work for me, due to either VMware not exposing a 3d graphics card to the Suse installation or my MacBook's lousy graphics card. After switching I got a white desktop that couldn't be changed, and there were not a good way for me to disable it again. For other readers, here's how to disable the 3d effects without GUI:

  • Reboot and start in recovery mode
  • Log in as root
  • cd /home/{user}
  • rm -rf .config/compiz
  • Reboot in the normal fashion

Now all Compiz settings are reverted, and everything works as per the default settings.

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