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ALT.NET Oresund

Friday, January 30, 2009 by Thomas L

So, now we've had the first ALT.NET Oresund meeting. There were some good things, some bad. First off was Johan Lindfors who did an informative, although a bit lengthy, presentation about some Microsoft things, like Windows 7 and Powershell, and a really interesting introduction on Azure. I love to see how Azure will be compared to Google's AppEngine and Amazon Web Services suite.

One thing is certain, though. I believe that Microsoft launching Azure is the entry point for the cloud into the mainstream. No matter which platform companies choose for hosting applications in the cloud, I think that Microsoft entering the cloud will point the normal mainstream companies into a scalable direction, instead of the cloud only being a place for the early adopters.

After Johan's presentation we had open space sessions. The attendees were in traditional Swedish fashion somewhat shy, so it was hard to get people to come forward with a subject and facilitate a session. But I think that we will gel together more and more. After a couple of meetings there most certainly will be more people putting energy into the community.

And if you know of a company in Copenhagen who are willing to let somewhere from ten to fourty geeks into a conference room, around the beginning-mid March, let me know. ALT.NET Oresund are looking for somewhere to be.

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