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ALT.NET Öresund is live!

Monday, January 5, 2009 by Thomas L

For the past month or so, me and some other guys living here in the Oresund region of Scandinavia have been working to get a new community/usergroup out of the door: ALT.NET Oresund. The basic thought behind ALT.NET Oresund is that it's way too little communication crossing the tiny sound of Oresund, at least in the .NET arena, so why don't we meet up? The reason why we choose to meet discussing ALT.NET is simply that we met in the ALT.NET track in Oredev 2008 and the discussion continued from there.

The venue of the ALT.NET Oresund meetings will alternate between Sweden and Denmark in a brotherhood spirit. We will start Thursday January 29th in Malmö, Sweden with Johan Lindfors of Microsoft Sweden talking about the PDC announcements. After that there will be an Open Space session. Probably some time in late February we will be somewhere in the Copenhagen area.

Sounds interesting? The main page is here and the announcement is here. There is also a mailing list at google groups which I recommend that you join.

Haven't heard of ALT.NET? There is a good, although short, introduction to ALT.NET here.

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