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On Scoble doing the good old Crowdsourcing

Thursday, January 8, 2009 by Thomas L

Stumbled upon this some time ago: Help, I'm clueless about Web Service scalability. That is a great example of Crowdsourcing; Scoble is basically using his readers to get questions for an interview on Web Service scalability. I'm not sure of the outcome of the crowdsourcing, but he says:

Who is going in unprepared. Seems this blog post just prepared me in a BIG way for Thursday!

Gotta love it. Is Scoble trying to go to a 4-Hour Workweek, as described in the book by Timothy Ferriss?

I wonder how 2009 will turn out for the companies who build their business model on crowdsourcing. At least it seems like threadless are doing well. Sadly JPG Magazine, a photo mag who let their readers upload images for usage in the magazine, shut down recently, but it seems as if they are trying to work out a scheme to keep going. I hope that JPG Magagzine will reopen as a good rss-enabled internet-only periodical. I'd love to get some superbly selected images to my bloglines reader for sure.

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