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VMware Fusion and Print Screen

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 by Thomas L

I have written about how to invoke the Print Screen key in VMware Fusion before, by using the F13 key on Mac keyboards. For some reason, that seems to be a hot topic on this blog, at least by judging from the google hits. The blog post ended with "Hmm, I only wonder how I'd do if I didn't have access to my full size mac keyboard (which only contains the F1-F12 keys)". This is just what happens when you buy one of those small Bluetooth Mac keyboards. Since they have the small form factor without a num pad, there is no F13 key, only F12 and the Eject key.

Here's how to make sure we can invoke print screen without having access to a F13 key.

In VMware Fusion 2, VMware has incorporated a keyboard mapping utility in the Preferences menu item. So, invoke Preferences and go to the Keyboard & Mouse option. Make sure you have Enabled Key Mappings and press the + button. Then configure Option-F12 to be mapped to Print Screen, like in the screen shot below.

VMware Fusion

Now you are able to do a screen shot of the full screen. However, when you want to do a screen shot of the current screen, you would normally press Alt-Print Screen with a Windows keyboard. Trying this, i.e. holding down the Apple key together with Option-F12 doesn't work. For that to work you need to configure Fusion to map Apple-Option-F12 to Alt-Print Screen, like in the screen shot below.

VMware Fusion-1

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6 kommentarer:

Unknown said...

A great help, thanks. You got me out of a pickle trying to get someone to offer GPS software assistance on the other side of the planet. BTW, the PRINT SCREEN only captures my Windows tool bar, but the ALT-PRINT SCREEN works a treat.

K said...

You can use the F13-button even if your keyboard doesn't have the button. SHIFT-COMMAND-3 works as F13-button.

cjmac said...

I cannot type F12 in the top box. It only allows one character.

Thomas L said...

I think you should press the F12 key, not type "F", "1", "2".

gonzobrains said...

I set up option-F12 to map to "print screen" but it still reacts as if I want to raise my macbook's speaker volume.

Thomas L said...

I wonder if you haven't changed the defaults, F12 is accessed by pressing the Fn key as you press F12.

You could change it the other way around, and have F12 as the button, and use the Fn key to get at the raising volume functionality.