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On developing services

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 by Thomas L

I've come across developing a WCF service listening to a MSMQ queue a number of times now. And every time there's the same problem; you don't have a very good development experience developing a service. In order to launch it I have to do a 'net start MyService' with Administrator rights, and in order to launch a debugger I have to restart Visual Studio as Administrator. What if the development environment could host services instead of me having to install it into the Services listing in my computer? That would be nice, kind of like using the Cassini web server instead of running it via IIS.

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Karl Böhlmark said...

Why not host the service in a command line app while developing? That also helps insure that no logic is put in the actual windows service that dosesn't belong there. You could also check out TopShelf, the hosting for the open source esb MassTransit.

Thomas L said...

Yup, I know that's the way I have to do, but it is kind of annoying that I have to take the extra measures by writing two different drivers; both the console and the service app.