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On setting up a migratordotnet development environment

Sunday, February 1, 2009 by Thomas L

I thought I should look if I could find time to do some enhancements to the migratordotnet open source project. To get started with the coding I had to do some things; this is my log of how to get everything building and testing against a local SQL Express installation.

First off, I had to fetch the latest source, the url can be found here.

Then, to get the compile to succeed, I had to create a file in the root called and let it have the contents in the file To make sure that I would test only using SQL Express, I changed the property tests.exclude like this:

<property name="tests.exclude" value="Oracle,Postgre,MySql,SqlServerCe"/>

When this was done, I could compile the project by running the build.bat file.

In the file, the property points to a file called local.config, so I had to create that one. In $root/src/config I copied the app.config and renamed the copy to local.config. I then changed the connection strings for the three SQLServer types, I set it to migratordotnet_test instead, to get descriptive names. I then proceeded to create that database in my local SQL Express installation.

After I did all of this, I was able to do a successful 'build test'.

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