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On Agile creating Yes Men

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 by Thomas L

No one wants to be a No Man. The same goes in software. It's no more frustrating than having to tell the person with the business need for the software that's being built that

I'm sorry, but we didn't plan for that!

Yet we do this; time and time again. After the first plan in a waterfall-ish project, the project members are turned into No Men, having to say no to all new ideas, no matter how good they are, or at least raising the barrier of entry so high that few features take the route into the product. CCB's anyone?

What if we could turn everything around? Imagine saying

That seems like a superb feature! Let's include it as soon as possible!

This is actually one of the best selling points of Agile to project members, architects and project managers. We no longer have to be the boring No Man, instead we give our product owners/customers the power to wield tools that makes the product we are building adaptable to changes in the world around us.

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