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On the ALT.NET Oresund meeting April 27th

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 by Thomas L

It was great fun to meet up at the Softhouse office this Monday. There were around 25 geeks wanting to discuss different things. As always, it's a pity you can't attend to all the Open Space sessions; I'd loved to listen to the WPF talk, but I had to prioritize the test organization session.

I uploaded my short presentation on Cucumber, sans the demo, here (in Swedish):

The specific versions I had to use to get it working with IronRuby 0.3.0 are:

  • Cucumber 0.1.16
  • RSpec 0.8.4

(Install it using igem install cucumber --version "0.1.16")

On BDD - resources

Sunday, April 26, 2009 by Thomas L

Since I'm speaking on running BDD with Cucumber against .NET code at the ALT.NET Oresund meeting Monday April 27, I've compiled a list of useful resources for anyone interested.



  • Shoulda, Context-Specification style in Ruby.
  • RSpec, Given-When-Then and Context-Specification style in Ruby.
  • Cucumber, a re-write of the Given-When-Then story runner in RSpec.
  • Railscasts about Cucumber: 155, 159


  • JBehave - Given-When-Then style for Java.


  • NBehave - Given-When-Then style for .NET.
  • MSpec - Context-Specification style for .NET (Intro, code).


On Selenium and Safari on Mac

Monday, April 13, 2009 by Thomas L

I'm playing somewhat with Selenium today, but I had a problem running the tests on the Safari (3.2.1) browser on my Mac (10.5.6). For some reason, the browser hanged in the beginning of the script when I tried to start a new browser session, see the screen shot below.

Selenium Remote Control v1.0-beta-2 [2571], with Core v1.0-beta-2 [2330]

The solution is as simple as it is annoying. If you uncheck "Block Pop-Up Windows" in the Safari menu, things will start working.

On setting default Java version in Mac OS X

by Thomas L

I'm sure this is common knowledge for some, but not for me, so I thought I should blog it.

I'm playing around with the Google App Engine Java support, and since GAE/J runs on Java 1.6 it's best to use it on the local machine as well. Since the default Java version on OS X is 1.5, I saw I needed to change it. It's entirely possible to change the default version by re-pointing the symlinks under /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions, but there is a better way. Just open the application Java under /Applications/Utilities/Java, and drag the Java SE 6 to the top.

Java Preferences

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