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On BDD - resources

Sunday, April 26, 2009 by Thomas L

Since I'm speaking on running BDD with Cucumber against .NET code at the ALT.NET Oresund meeting Monday April 27, I've compiled a list of useful resources for anyone interested.



  • Shoulda, Context-Specification style in Ruby.
  • RSpec, Given-When-Then and Context-Specification style in Ruby.
  • Cucumber, a re-write of the Given-When-Then story runner in RSpec.
  • Railscasts about Cucumber: 155, 159


  • JBehave - Given-When-Then style for Java.


  • NBehave - Given-When-Then style for .NET.
  • MSpec - Context-Specification style for .NET (Intro, code).


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2 kommentarer:

Rodrigo Manhães said...

On Python world, Pyccuracy also can be cited.

Anonymous said...

Rodrigo, if I've understood it correctly, Pyccuracy is a front-end giving a plain-text way to control Selenium, not a general-purpose BDD framework. It's a quite interesting way to control Selenium, though.