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On my thoughts after the Agile Testing Days conference

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 by Thomas L

I'm just home from the Agile Testing Days conference. My general feeling of the conference is that I spent 3 days of constant learning, time well spent.

Of the sessions I attended, the keynote from Elizabeth Hendrickson was the number one. She managed to squeeze in a lot of good content in her talk as well as lots of laughs. I totally agree with her thoughts of the seven key principles in agile testing, but I think that the principles actually are wider than that.

A good quote that Elizabeth used in the talk:

If you want to move fast, you have to be very disciplined.

- Mary Poppendieck

The tutorial by Mary Poppendieck about lean software was also very good. I've come across most the things she talks about, but the tutorial is a good summary of the lean software topic. If you have a chance of attending this tutorial, go.

The value stream mapping excercise was great. This should be done on everything you do, not only the software project you work on.

I can also note that my BDD topic can't be that wrong. At least the Elizabeth Hendrickson and Gojko Adzic talks talked about the team sitting together and defining your requirements, which is one of the points I have in my talk. Another point I always nag about is the fact that you can't run an iterative process without using good engineering practices, e.g. ATDD/BDD, TDD and CI, or you'll end up with unmaintanable code in the end.

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