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On the Twitter retweet feature

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 by Thomas L

3736077839_562764afcd So you might have heard about Twitter implementing a retweet feature in its API. The reason is that today there are a number of different ways to retweet, and Twitter wants to clean up the UI and usage. I think it's a bad decision. Twitter is changing the structure of its entities in order to support the new feature.

In my mind, the thing that makes a Unix system work so well for the power user is that there are a large amount of different programs that can be combined using only a standard text format between each other. I'd like Twitter to work the same. If everyone agreed upon how a retweet would look, then the different clients could collapse the UI so that no one got a Retweet-storm, wherein one tweet is retweeted by twenty of your friends. That's the Unix way to solving the problem.

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On migrations

Saturday, November 14, 2009 by Thomas L

Aaron Jensen recently asked what migrations tools people use for .NET development. In my current project, I use MigratorDotNet, which works quite well for us. The standard types of migrations, like add table, add column, add fk, are there, but if you need to do something more advanced, there's always a possibility to execute the SQL raw against the database.

What tool do you use to handle the database during development?