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On the Twitter retweet feature

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 by Thomas L

3736077839_562764afcd So you might have heard about Twitter implementing a retweet feature in its API. The reason is that today there are a number of different ways to retweet, and Twitter wants to clean up the UI and usage. I think it's a bad decision. Twitter is changing the structure of its entities in order to support the new feature.

In my mind, the thing that makes a Unix system work so well for the power user is that there are a large amount of different programs that can be combined using only a standard text format between each other. I'd like Twitter to work the same. If everyone agreed upon how a retweet would look, then the different clients could collapse the UI so that no one got a Retweet-storm, wherein one tweet is retweeted by twenty of your friends. That's the Unix way to solving the problem.

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