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On micro-ci

Sunday, April 22, 2012 by Thomas L

So Softhouse had a kick-off this Friday, and as a social event, we could choose to take part in an open-source project. Me and my colleague Joakim Karlsson have for quite some time thought about the sizes of CI environments, and the rather wacky requirement that you need to run a web server in order to configure the CI server. So we decided to create our own.
Enter micro-ci. Me and Petter, another colleague (Joakim was ill), hacked together a solution built with Ruby in four hours. It's not much right now, but at least it can check a directory tree for changes and call a command-line script to build.
With this blog post, I'm not saying that you should start using micro-ci (but, by all means, do). I'm saying that it's actually quite easy to accomplish a small project that scratches your current itch.

On my RequireJS presentation from Scandinavian Developer Conference

by Thomas L

An embedded presentation hosted at SlideShare.

On ScanDev 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 by Thomas L

I'll be presenting two talks at Scandinavian Developer Conference on April 16 and 17: RequireJS for modular JavaScript code and Introducing ASP.NET MVC in Legacy Webforms Applications.

Read more about the talks here. If you're there, don't hesitate to come and talk to me!

If you won't be able to attend, I'll be posting the presentations here. Stay tuned.