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On Malmö-Ruby UserGroup

Monday, November 5, 2012 by Thomas L

There has been rather quiet around UserGroups dealing with Ruby in the Malmö area. In Stockholm, SHRUG meets rather regularly, across Öresund we have Copenhagen Ruby Brigade, both rather active, but in Malmö/Lund there's been low (if any) activity.

No longer, though. In October the Malmö-Ruby UserGroup was awoken. There was a quick slideshow presentation, which was followed by a walk to Bishop's Arms to get some beer and burgers. In November there's another event, which will be hosted by Softhouse. I'll hold a quick lightning talk about JavaScript in Rails today with the Asset Pipeline. In the talk I'll show how RequireJS can be used to modularize your JavaScript code when dealing with Asset Pipeline.

If you saw my RequireJS presentation at ScanDevConf you will surely recognize some thoughts and ideas.

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